Computational, Systems and Developmental Neuroscience

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Recent news

  • Mar 2016: Congratulations to both Nick Hughes and Huyen Nguyen on the award of your PhDs!

  • Feb 2016: Congratulations to Huyen Nguyen and Zac Pujic on your new paper in eLife on modelling axon trajectories.

  • June 2015: Congratulations to Brendan Bicknell on your new paper in Nature Communications on limits to concentration sensing.

  • May 2015: Congratulations to Beth Kita on being awarded your PhD, and best of luck for your postdoc in Barcelona!

  • May 2015: The Special Issue From Maps to Circuits: Models and Mechanisms for Generating Neural Connections edited by Geoff Goodhill has now been published in Developmental Neurobiology.

  • 2014: Check out Geoff's YouTube video What's Maths got to do with the Brain?

  • 2014: A YouTube video of Geoff's talk about eigenshape analysis of growth cones at the INCF conference in Leiden is here